5 Tips To Protect Your Home From Burglars

5 Tips To Protect Your Home From Burglars

We all deserve a little break every now and then but whether it’s a long weekend or a fortnight in the sun you need to make sure your home is safe and secure. Nothing ruins that after holiday relaxed feeling that coming home to find someone has been in and stolen all your prized possessions.

Have someone come round

It might not always be possible but if you have any close friends or neighbours you’d feel comfortable leaving with a key it could be the safest way to protect your home. They don’t necessarily have to do anything, just being seen entering and leaving the property could be enough to deter anyone watching the house.  If they’ve got time ask them to move anything in the window or on any windowsills around and collect any mail or leaflets that have been pushed through your door.

Leave the right lights on

When most people go away they always leave a landing or hallway light on which is why a hall way light left on for days on end is the biggest sign no one’s home. Any good DIY or hardware store will sell timer plugs so you can set a few lamps around the house to come on and turn off at set times throughout the day and night. This way you’re not leaving lights on all day and you’ve got a few different lights on at night to look more natural.

No trees or trellises

It might not be practical to cut your twenty foot fern tree down just because you’re going on holiday but make sure there aren’t any obvious branches leading to any doors and windows. Having a trellis running up the side of your home is like leaving a ladder out for anyone and the upstairs windows are typically less secure. If these trees or trellises are out the back your burglar doesn’t even have to worry about been spotted.

Don’t advertise your absence

You wouldn’t take out an ad a national paper saying you’re going away, that would just be silly. Saying that, it’s surprising just how many people take to Twitter or Facebook to talk about how excited they are about their holiday, and it doesn’t take much detection work to find out where you live (have you or any of your friends published any parties from a house party?). You might be excited but you don’t have to broadcast it round the web.

Don’t forget the back

You probably spend a lot of time making sure the front of the house is all locked up tight but the back of the house usually only gets half the effort. You might think no one can get through your dog flap but don’t underestimate a determined burglar; it might open enough to get a piece of wire up to the lock. You also need to make sure you’re removed any valuable items from view at the back of the house as well as the front. Burglars assume you’ll make sure nothing expensive can be seen from the front which is why they’ll double check the back of the house too.

*About the author: Jessica works for Woking Probation Services with community treatment orders

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