OMG! I Just Found Out My Husband Cheated on Me!

A mother, now divorced, shared her real life experience on dealing with how her husband cheated on her despite doing all she can from her end. “I am devastated! The fact that lying came so incredibly easy to him is what worries me the most. How many times has he done this before?! I can’t believe he’d do this to his kids! I have no friends or family in this city & I feel trapped & lonely. I don’t know if I can ever get over this. Please be kind, I really need support!” she says in her vlog post. Have you been in similar situations? Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts in the comment box below. Well, here’s more to the story 🙂 This is the man who cheated her. And, now our fellow mother is a single again! DIVORCE IS FINAL  

Habits For Better Relationships From Men’s Point Of View

Tony Robbins is an American motivational phone speaker and was named in Forbes 2007 magazine’s “Celebrity 100” list. The magazine projected his gained approximately US$30 million for the reason that calendar year. In this video, he talks about relationship from a men’s point of view.

How to Pick A Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress

Barbara Esses and Ruthie Hecht mother-daughter duo who are professional event planners. They are very particular about the choice of dresses when it comes to wedding. In this post they will show you the do’s and don’ts for the perfect wedding. Remember, the movie “Father of the Bride”, where Diane Keaton wore the most beautiful beaded jacket and skirt. She chose to be a conservative mother of the bride! But is that really in fashion today? Today, mothers of the bride can be all ages and choose very different ways to look. Number one, tney need to look in the same genre as the bride meaning that if it’s an evening event dress for the evening. For the daytime dress for the daytime. They obviously need to coordinate color with their daughters and the bride should...

Pregnancy sleeping tips: How to deal with sleep apnea during pregnancy

Pregnancy sleeping tips: How to deal with sleep apnea during pregnancy Just when you need a good night’s sleep the most, it may be impossible to get. Dr. Keith Eddleman, author of Pregnancy for Dummies, explains how to deal with sleeplessness during pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Watch as Parents Magazine shows you how to keep a healthy pregnancy diet! Being pregnant means a variety of lifestyle changes, and the switch to healthy eating is one of them. There are foods to avoid with having a baby, but there are also many great additions you should consider in your new nutrition plan. Avoid PCB pollutants and mercury in fish, such as King Mackrel and swordfish, along with any raw fish or sushi. Wild salmon and mahi mahi, however, are safe for pregnancy! Also avoid any soft cheeses or those with blue veins, lunch meats, rare meats, and unheated leftovers. There are many things that make up a good diet during pregnancy. These include the vitamins folate in leafy vegetables, iron from well-cooked beef, vitamin B6 in potatoes or bananas, and zinc, which can be found in c...