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    Amie Santiago

    Hey!! My 15 years old daughter is very adamant about undergoing breast enhancement surgery. I tried to convince her but she is not listening to me. My husband is in a business tour and will be back after 6 months. I somehow managed to postpone her idea of undergoing the procedure in this December vacation. I researched about breast implants and augmentation surgery and showed her the unsuccessful stories but she asked me not to worry as she is planning to undergo fat grafting to breast and has discussed this in details with her surgeon in Mississauga. I don’t understand the procedure and she is not ready to discuss with me. Is fat grafting procedure harmful? I don’t know how to convince her. Please help!!


    Lily P

    Speak to her why she wants an enhancement. It could be because of social pressure as 15 years is still too early for girls to have that kind of operation. She has her full life ahead. make her understand that her breast size will become bigger by the time she reach 18 or 19.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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