Difficulties at school

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    Hello, moms and dads! I have a daughter that is 12 years old and I worry about her a lot. We are studying in the private school full of rich annoying arrogant children. I cannot imagine children can behave that nasty at that young age. I see her being upset all the time because of things they have and she does not. It is not like we cannot buy her one, but even someone has it first, everybody else got bullied. I can’t help myself and her, even talked to the teachers – they feel helpless as well. We all have no idea what to do, it is just the society they are living in which is ruining their hearts and minds at that early stage. They are cynical, always angry and pissed at each other. There is no such a feeling as unity or even friendship. Even though they call each other friends, they argue on the weekly basis and do not respect each other at all. They do not have each others’ backs and always are ready to betray. Me and my hubby is trying to teach the lesson to our daughter, but it is so hard to go against the environment she is studying at. I would not take her from school either, because it is the best in our town. I also think it would be a huge stress for her, because she got to those people around her and it would be hard to change the school at this age. What would you recommend? How the parents can influence the way children see each other?

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