Is working at home as productive as working at a regular office?

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    Lily P

    I’m just wondering the benefits of both working at home and working at a regular office. Please feel free to place your inputs.


    Ollie Krause

    In office you get to explore and at home I guess we cannot.


    Frances Bradley

    We meet new people outside, this helps to exchange our view and ideas, which is not possible while working at home.


    Mia Taylor

    While working at home has it’s advantages, like you are at home, for starters, and you can relax and make your own schedule, I never liked that. It’s very antisocial and you are ALWAYS at home. For me it could never be more productive than working in office, where you have to look decent and talk to people 😀



    Working at home is considered as a myth by me… I would love to work at home, but I do not think these opportunities are that reliable and constant as the job offers at offices. I think it might be a good way for part-time work. For example, developing your writing skills, working on online advertising. It would be lovely, but I found it difficult to get any of these job offers in reality. In reality you have people ditching you and ending up unpaid. I do not think it is a right thought to have, but it is just based on my personal experience. I never get paid even once for what I have done online. Maybe it is just me lol

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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