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    Hi, Forest Fairy. Yes, we’ve visited Biotexcom one more time. I think they did their best this time to please us. They appointed a new program manager. She offered us to book a VIP package and it really saved our time and nerves in some way. We decided to deal with them as they don’t charge much for their services. In addition, I quite like the way they treat a surrogate. Now, they are testing several women to see whether they can become surrogates or not.



    Hey. It has started in the age of 25. I think my problems obviously because of the style of my previous life… I had 2 miscarriages and I was really disappointed of it. For many yrs I’ve been trying to forget it. It helped me see past whatever’s bringing me down. 3 yrs ago my DH and I started to find the right method again. To begin with I’ve made 2 natural IVF and none of them are BFP. In a year I’ve got acquainted with donation and surrogacy it really maintains in many countries on a high level. France, Germany, USA are leading countries but with high prices so we went into the search.All in all we’ve found Ukraine by advices of many.
    Now I’m also on a program by biotex. It is the most popular clinic in Kiev, I reckon. I took standart package for surrogacy. And 5 days ago it was the stimulation. My foulicle has grown up to 17mm. Hope for the best, cross one’s fingers.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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