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    I am a mother of two, and I have been leading a normal life. However, something that I am about to discuss here has in the recent months caused me a lot of anxiety and I am unable to understand what is happening. I have had regular menstruation since I was 15 years. I am now 36, and I have gone for eight months without seeing my periods. Initially, I thought I was pregnant. I went for the first pregnancy test, and the results were negative. I was anxious about this and decided to give myself some time before I went for the second test. The test was conducted after three months, and the results were negative. Still, the periods were missing. This is the 8th months since my periods disappeared yet I am not pregnant. It is for this reason that I have decided to share the story so that I can hear your views. I have a few questions that I would be happy if they answered by anyone who has experienced the same or is an authority in this area.
    1. Is it possible that I have reached menopause?
    2. Can change in lifestyle make the periods disappear?
    3. If it is not menopause what are the chances that my cycle will resume and be able to conceive?
    4 . Can I use IVF ?

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