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    Hello Everyone!
    I am new here. I would like to share my successful IVF story with all. Here it begins: Our first round of IVF (with ICSI on half our eggs because we’re unexplained) ended in a pregnancy! I was extremely excited. We tried for almost 3 years. That included progesterone supplements, clomid cycles, and 4 IUIs all failed. We had 32 eggs retrieved. Out of those 25 were mature. 11 of the 13 ICSI group fertilized, and only 4 of the 12 conventional group fertilized. By day 3 we had 9 left, and ended up with 4 viable embryos on day 5. We transferred two grade A embryos on day 5 that ended in a singleton pregnancy. Our remaining two are hanging out frozen at our clinic biotexcom. It’s so easy to get obsessed with the numbers along the way, but it’s the end that matters. I have a good friend who had 5 eggs retrieved, and we both ended up with 4 embryos.
    Thanks to all!



    I am grateful to the British physician Robert G. Edwards (Robert G. Edwards), who in 2010 received the Nobel Prize in the field of in vitro fertilization (IVF).
    My visits to hospitals, treatments, surgeries, procedures totaled 16 years. And 2 more marriages. And 2 attempts of in vitro fertilization.
    I can not now count money, nerves and health. I see the result of this overbearing painstaking work only 2 years and 1 month. Do not regret anything and do not blame anyone. I can only advise future mothers to use any given chance for you to become a mother. Because when the “Mother’s Day” festival comes and your children bring you flowers bought by their dad, your heart will burst with joy !!! I’m glad that I found my doctor in Kiev !!!!! He helped us to fulfill our dream. I thought for a long time if I need to do IVF or not. But, the doctor said that only this can help to find a child. But everyone has his own case. You can also use the services of surrogate mothers.

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    Nina, my friends use the surrogate motherhood service in this clinic. They were satisfied with the service of the clinic. The clinic has very good staff. In addition, only processional doctors work with patients. My friends were picked up by a good surrogate mother. She gave birth to a healthy baby. This is very good) It seems to me that you should try to go to a consultation in this clinic. Perhaps you will like everything and you will choose it. It is located in the center of Kiev, it is very convenient, you will not need to look for it for a long time) There are good chambers, new medical equipment. This clinic is of European level) But the prices there are lower than in Europe. My friends correspond with many people who did IVF in this clinic.) My friend found many friends in this forum, with one of the women they met in Kiev, when my friend was being treated. My friends are very grateful to the doctors of this clinic) Especially the embryologist)



    Inspiring story indeed. Happy to know your story.



    exactly i was also thinking about it; you must be very strong headed.

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