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    Husband and I were married for 7 years. Together for 10. 3 kids, oldest is his biologically and I helped him terminate the biomoms rights but then never proceeded with adoption because he made it obvious he did t want that. We had 2 other kids.

    Recently separated mid dec. Finally had enough of the maltreatment. On Christmas he took our kids abruptly and left the county. I wasn’t able to find the. For 2 months! The most miserable two months of my life. This man didn’t know how to care for the kids because he. Ever spent time with them. The kids were/are scared of him. He wouldn’t even let me talk to them. Nv is a state where without an order the police won’t get involved. He floated over the phone every time I called the cops or my mom called cps (they knew where my kids were but couldn’t tell me) he even lied to the achool district to get our middle child into school out there (oldest I have no legal binds to and youngest is too young for school yet) . I finally managed to hire an attorney who went to court for me on a tpo he filed in that county (he had already filed for divorce in our county so it was thrown out based on that and the fact that he had no basis or proof. The judge told him he needed to be careful cuz he was gonna get himself in trouble real quick) after I’d submitted all my emergency motion and temporary order documents. Kids ordered home. Finally everything f was starting to get better and be ok. We were going to start healing. He had them from thirs night to Sunday in the county over where he’d fled, and I had them through the week. That lasted all of two weeks. The emergency petitions I had filed were finally due to be heard. The judge ripped into him and he admitted to lying about me in all of his documents. What happened next I do not understand and because of this my life is upside down again and my kids are being subjected to thing a they should not be hearing or seeing. The judge ordered him to come back home!
    Not only that but she said she knows cases like this where there is abuse and we would probably just get back together once he moved back- how insulting. So if she thought that we would just get back together then why order him back?! I never requested that nor did he. It was about money cuz he needed to continue to pay our rent but still I feel like she was not thinking this through. My attorney has not been helpful. He even agreed with her that we’d just get back together. I just don’t feel that he is really on my side. My kids would have been ordered home as they were without him (I have legal background so I do somewhat know what I’m doing) my husband who essentially kidnapped our kids (he’s done this before too with our oldest when she was a baby, he took her from her bio mom and that was a wreck to work out k) got caught lying in court, and the judge said she knew his type, manipulative & has control issues, yet she orders him back.. ok so his whole defense is that I am mentally unstable and a drug addict. Mentally unstable, no. I’ve dealt with depression on and off. Drug addict, yes I had a history with drugs when I was younger but and have been clean for a long time. He fabricated evidence and was caught in court. She called him out on it. Now since he’s been back he cannot talk to me without twisting everything and making horrible snide remarks to me and it doesn’t matter who is around to hear including our kids. I have multiple recordings to prove all of my claims. Including my kids being scared of him. Since he’s been back he’s manipulated our oldest daughter into thinking that I don’t love her as much as I love our other two because I didn’t adopt her. Before dec 25 we had long in depth conversations nightly and were very very close. Now she won’t even talk to me. When she does it’s just “k”. She’s very disrespectful as well something that is not at all like her. She treats her siblings like crap and I’m so worried about her. I’m so worried about all 3. My middle child is failing and my youngest won’t let. W go more than 5 feet away from him. They need insurance so they can go to a therapist something I’ve been requesting for years (health insurance) from their dad. He refuses and denies its necessity but yet he goes to the doctor with his insurance when he needs to. Our kids are just sol. I’m going to put them on Medicaid today. My youngest hasn’t seen a dr since he was 1 and now he’s nearly 3. He is not thinking about our kids at all right now, but that’s not surprising as his version of spending times with his kids is irritably allowing them to watch him play a video game for 5 minutes before kicking them out. . So after the last hearing he decided he didn’t want to pay 10,000 to fight me in court and we decided to just have me so the divorce since I have legal background. I should have known better.. I won’t divulge the details since this is already so long but he went through a very elaborate scheme set to ensure I didn’t make it to court last week for a status check. As such the judge has now inexplicably ordered me to drug court and I am just in complete shock what he has been allowed to get away with and the judge said she saw through him! Why has my attorney not stood up for me in any of this?! I have no idea what to do right now I feel like the judge and my attorney are not fulfilling their duties and that he is getting away with murder. I feel like I just need to get him to sign documents and be done with it but I know
    It wouldn’t go so smoothly. So I feel like I need to find a new attorney and request a new judge. Why didn’t my attorney request an extension to find out why I wasn’t there? He had no problem
    Crashing in on me to get his check. I don’t feel he’s really in this.
    Can someone point me in the right direction from here?

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