Foster (2011) film review: 90 minutes of captivating family drama

Foster (2011) film review: 90 minutes of captivating family drama

Maurice Cole and Toni Collette in the movie ‘Foster’. Photo courtesy: – SP Films

I know MF member Lily P has done a quick look at FOSTER, but since I have seen it too, I decided to do a more detailed review of the film that has been the talk of town here primarily because it has made headlines at film festivals across the globe. The strange thing is ‘Foster’ is already available at online video sites before it hits the theatres! Why is Reliance Big Pictures, one of the production house, not releasing the film during the Christmas season? It could have been a big hit with mothers, kids and also among the youth. 

Anyways, the following is my take on a film that is probably going to the Oscars.

The film originally made for HBO and BBC has Ioan Gruffudd (star of Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer), Maurice Cole and Toni Collette (United States of Tarafame) as the main lead.  A couple whose child has been killed in an accident decides to adopt a child after their doctor told them that they can no longer have a biological offspring. So, after much reluctance, they went to a foster home to pick their to0-be new child. However, this time instead of childless couples picking a child, the child picks them when one fine day a a boy unexpectedly arrives at the doorstep of the couple.What a relief! The first twist of the film takes centrestage in the viewer’s mind. It’s both scary and happy feeling not just for the childless couple. The first thing that came to my mind was: If this happens to me, will I take the child as my son? Will I be scared or should I gladly embrace him as my own child? I was at a cross-road. There are several interesting twists, but I’ll save it for you to watch in the theatre.The cast is also exceptionally cool. The three main actors share an onscreen chemistry that is not seen in many movies. It reminds me of the onscreen chemistry Julia Andrews and the kids shared in ‘The Sound of Music’.

Maurice Cole, the new star, is so cute you will want a son like him. Even though this being his first film he carried off the adult-matured look with elegance. His mother must be really proud of him. He could be the next Macaulay Culkin (of Home Alone fame) in the making… if the filmmakers decide to en-cash  on the brand ‘Foster’ with more editions. I’m sure he has already been offered other roles by production houses.

And, when it comes to Ioan and Toni, they prove their worth again. Both of them being international stars, it was only natural for the two to deliver quality performances.  Toni has contributed a lot to this film and I won’t be surprise if she gets a ton of awards.

Ok, enough of my rantings. I’ll put it short this way. Even my husband, who writes film reviews for a newspaper, loves this film so much so that he can’t keep repeating some of the dialogues! Foster may be a film made for the heart, but it is an Oscar stuff. The audience is going to love this family drama that does not have an inch of melodrama.

Cast:-Toni Collette as Zooey, Ioan Gruffudd as Alec, Maurice Cole as El

Director: Jonathan Newman


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    Thank you so much for your support of my little film Foster. Filmmaking being the struggle it is, the release is quite limited of our film. Hopefully it will grow with people like you and your continued support.

    once again thank you so much for your kinds words.

    Jonathan Newman
    Director – Foster

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    Thanks Rekha for that lovely review: I am really glad you liked Foster. And writing as Maurice’s Dad I can safely say that his Mum and I are so proud of the little lad we cold burst.

    He has not done much else, but was in the BBC’s Dr Who Christmas Special a day or two ago. You can see that online at…

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    I love this film so much so that I’m going to watch it again when it hits the big screen in the Japan. I must admit, I got the copy of it on the internet, but when there is a good film people will still watch it in the big screen. Kudos to Jonathan Newman and his team.

    I also love Maurice Cole.

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    I’ve watched this movie last night…then I watched it again this morning.
    It’s totally awesome…and YES, I definitely agree with you review.

    You said, “Maurice Cole, the new star, is so cute you will want a son like him.”
    That was exactly what I was thinking about when I first see him in the movie.
    He is super cute and smart young man. I can’t wait to see his next movie.

    Anyway, the whole movie is briliant! Congrats for Newman and everyone who has involved in the movie. Thank you very much for the exceptional movie and exceptional movie stars. For me, Foster has already win the Oscar..

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    Please where can I get this movie. WHen is it releasing in theater?

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