Swamp Themed Party Ideas for Kids

Swamp Themed Party Ideas for Kids
Swamp Themed Party Ideas for Kids

Swamp Themed Party Ideas for Kids

Popular television shows like Duck Dynasty and Swamp People, have fueled the swamp craze among kids and grown ups. There’s just something about wearing camouflage and hunting alligators that excite the young–and the young at heart. If you want a party theme that’s new and interesting, try a swamp themed party. Decorate a backyard or transform your dining room with swampy decorating ideas. Serve delicious swamp-inspired foods and set a party atmosphere with exciting zydeco music.

Swamp Themed Decorations

Hang vines from the ceiling, they are easy to make. Buy inexpensive rope from the local dollar store; the vines should be long enough to hang from the ceiling and touch the floor. Cut dark green, gold and yellow crepe streamers into 1-foot long pieces. Tie clumps of streamers every six inches along the rope. Tie knots in the rope as you go along to prevent the clumps from sliding down. When you hang the streamer vines, they will look swampy! If you plan to hang the vines outdoors, place utility lamps with green light bulbs near the base of the vine. The lights shine up, making a darkened room or backyard look creepy.

Cover the walls with camo netting or camouflage sheets. Arrange items you might find in a swamp around the party area, like a blow up alligator, a pair of old rubber boots or crab traps. Post cardboard signs that say, “Slip and Slide Swamp” or name the swamp after the birthday kid. Other fun signs like, “Choot Em,” “Beware” or “Danger” work well too!

Swamp Themed Foods

Cupcakes are the perfect party food, even if you are using a swamp theme. Make chocolate cupcakes and cover them with green icing. Tuck a gummy worm in the center of each cupcake for an icky, (yet tempting) finish. If your party is geared for adults, why not spring for a low-country shrimp or crawfish boil? Hand out swamp dogs, (that’s hot dogs or sausage dogs topped with relish) and serve swamp juice. I like mixing green sherbet with 7-up for a tasty punch.

Bayou Bash Party Games

You can’t go wrong with a scavenger hunt! Give your bash attendees a list of items to look for and send them out to explore your “swamp.” Have prizes for the winners! Fill a kiddie pool with green tinted water then hide beads and small toys in the pool. Let kids splash and find the treats.

Party Favors

When guests leave, send them home with a taste of the swamp! Buy mini bottles of hot sauce or boxes of beignet mix for giveaways. Mardi Gras beads, alligator necklaces and small flashlights are good gifts too!

A swamp theme has the potential to offer your guests an exciting experience they won’t soon forget!

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