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DIY: Ideas For Your Daughter’s Room

Mariya Stephenson is an American mother who loves to reach out to fellow mothers by sharing about her experience as a mother. She is active on YouTube by reviewing products. She supports healthy, organic approach to parenting. “We try to stay as natural as possible in our everyday life. I avoid buying harsh chemicals, synthetic fabrics, we shop organic and I prefer natural ways to heal vs. meds etc,” she said.

In this vlog, Mariya, shows us how to have lots of fun in decorating a baby room. Take a look at how she changes her daughter Scarlett’s room. “We went for traditional style with multiple decor elements from watercolor murals to lots of DIY projects,” she said.

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Mother of one beautiful daughter. Former airport employee and now a homemaker. Loves movies and cooking besides administering this forum which has been online since September, 2011.


  1. I love the show. How much did you spend on the setup?

    • Hi! Most of the items were on our registry and we got them as gifts especially bigger ones like crib, dresser etc. If you go to my YouTube channel you can see the links to pottery barn kids items, the chair is from Ashley furniture so it wasn’t pricey at all. As far as decorations I did murals myself, and butterflies and heart stickers in the closet and some other details probably were a couple hundred usd. Hope it helps!

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